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Tiananmen Square in Red

Tiananmen Square China

Now where is the color red celebrated than it is in China. With it’s huge flashing video billboards, Tiananmen Square can appear as red as fire.

Add some rain and text to the shot and you’ve got one dazzling photograph. Just when you thought that the rain would keep you from taking great photos, you can see that in some circumstances it’s helpful in adding a mysterious ambiance to the scene.

Through out the ages, the color red has been for the Chinese what red, white and blue is to Americans. The color red as symbolism for happiness and fortune set aside, it has also been the Communist Party’s chosen color, which stems from the Stalin era’s Red Guard.

Taking one primary color (red) and adding Chinese text (haven’t a clue what it says) in another primary color (yellow) creates one downright fiery message, a great positive color combination to spread a message of joy and happiness for over one billion people.

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