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Monthly Archives: February 2013

West Lake Neon in Hanoi

As a lover of signs, the ultimate in text and image, one of my goals is keeping the sign alive forever (or at least a couple of lifetimes). Text and signs go hand-in-hand in terms of one of the most necessary elements, that of lighting, in order to create a colorful, attractive city symbol. Photographing […]

Word Play in Art Work

Text on an office wall in the form of a typewriter’s keys can enhance the meaning of the place where it hangs.  Office…typewriter appear to be a word pair that states the obvious with nostalgia and letter play. Playing with text in art–word play–has its place in art photography. A while back, I developed a […]

Text for an Essay–Ten Steps to Writing an Essay using Word

Writing text for an essay is no longer a task you do by hand–references to pen, pencil, paper, eraser, typewriter and write are no longer accurate, yet students and professors use these references every day. Almost all professional work writing begins with a word processing document. Here are the ten steps to writing the text […]

An Ode to the Proofreading Marks–Editing Now and Then

                              Since the advent of Microsoft Word, the use of proofreading marks in editing is rare. Fond remembrances of the squiggly lines lingers as people seek nostalgia of writing’s past. Decades ago it was tedious to move paragraphs, sentences and words […]

The Wonderful World of Text and Images on the Queen Mary in Long Beach–The Downfall of the Fonts

The font is facing a death of unknown proportions. Back in its heyday, the typesetters worked furiously to create clean-cut type for modern times. No where is the typeface in the era between World War I and II (Between the Wars) more authentic than that found on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. This […]