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Text for an Essay–Ten Steps to Writing an Essay using Word

Writing an essay by hand is becoming a rare site in the professional world, yet go to any school in the United States and you’ll see many students writing with a pen and paper.

Writing text for an essay is no longer a task you do by hand–references to pen, pencil, paper, eraser, typewriter and write are no longer accurate, yet students and professors use these references every day.

Almost all professional work writing begins with a word processing document.

Here are the ten steps to writing the text of an essay using Microsoft Word

1. Open a document, type in a list of ideas for writing about your topic.
2. When you’re finished with the above brainstorming task, delete words that you feel don’t relate to what you want to communicate.
3. Copy and paste the ideas into an order that makes sense for the type of essay you are writing. For example, a narrative essay is often written in chronological order. A compare/contrast essay is written point-by-point or subject-by-subject.
4. Put your ideas that are subtopics (those you can write quite a few sentences about) in bold print. Leave words and phrases where they are.
5. Copy and paste all of the details (the items not in bold print) under the subtopic it belongs.
6. Create an outline from what you’ve done in Step 5.
7. Write rough draft from outline.
8. Revise (should be short because you organized beforehand)
9. Spell/grammar check document
10. Edit for spelling errors not caught and for punctuation/capitalization.

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