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Egyptian Hieroglyphics–The Beauty of Pictorial Language

Photograph of Egyptian symbols taken near the pyramids in Giza

The most beautiful language of all time has to be Egyptian Hieroglyphics, pictures that represent words in Egypt over 2000 years ago.

The pictures are a form of language, each one being a member of the ancient Egyptian alphabet.

Decorative  ideograms (a symbol showing the word) and a phonograms (sounds) make up the ancient Egyptian language, as shown in the image above.

You can see these beautiful symbols when visiting the pyramids in Giza (about an hour drive from Cairo).

Deciphering hieroglyphics can be a challenge because in addition to words they can also be sounds associated with letters.
The time to see Egypt art and text is NOW. If you ignore the ongoing trouble at Tahrir Square in Cairo, you can have a great trip to see many world wonders.
The Egyptians are hospitable, part of a culture that dates back centuries and a culture that is nothing less than one of the most fascinating you’ll ever observe.
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