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Head of Sphinx Covered with Political Poster in Egypt Is Metaphor

Head of sphinx is covered with political poster.

Egypt’s revolution has led to bitter discontent among a good part of the populace. No where is the anger shown than in the graffiti you see in towns from Cairo to Luxur and Aswan.

Messages come in many ways. In this instance where you have a powerful message created with poster of politicians slapped over the head of a hand drawn sphinx on a wall in Luxor. Just what is the message?

You could infer a meaning into the resulting piece of found text in the poster and images both in the poster and the sketch with the sphinx representing Egypt and all of its historical landmarks with the poster symbolizing the men in charge.

In the near future, times will remain difficult. In the long-run, the turmoil is likely to settle down. Most of the people in Egypt want freedom more than anything else.

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