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Atomic Liquors to Reopen

Atomic Liquors in downtown Las Vegas

To be sure, this sign, Atomic Liquors, needs to be on my sign blog; however, it feels more appropriate here because of the symbolism and the not-so-funny guy from North Korea. Yet, Atomic Liquors is about to reopen as a hipster venue.

Regarding North Korea, if you’re old enough (that is, in your 70s) don’t you think “been there done that.” I mean when they made you get under the desk at school to be ready for the big blast. Like getting under a desk would be enough.

It’s odd how the atomic age was so celebrated and still is. It’s quite an achievement when a country goes nuclear–as the dreaded fallout has left people’s minds. The only rational thinking regarding the concept of atomic is that if it’s gonna happen you might as well party like it’s 1999.

Adding more irony to this place is that the picture here shows that it was good neighborhood gone bad in 2002, when the image was taken, an inner pit, now about to go retro.

The image was taken almost 12 years ago, so you shouldn’t be alarmed at it. Atomic Liquors was home to a partying rat pack in the day and is no longer looking like this. As a  new hipster venue Atomic Liquors the has the power to lift the any neighborhood out of its slump.


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