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Playboy Sign

Playboy sign

One thing is for sure: there are no magazines for sale in the store under this Playboy sign. Playboy brings to mind another time and place–a world of glossy pages containing topless women, great human interest stories, some fiction and way back when–Little Annie Fannie.

China is the land of look-a-likes. If you find it in the United States and it’s popular, then China will have it too. From Apple to Samsung, China’s notorious for taking and remaking.

In some Beijing neighborhoods, you’ll find an Apple and/or Samsung store on every block. Any American walking inside among the iPhones, iPads and MacBooks and you’ll get a sense of deja vu.

All of these changing cultural mores haven’t gone as far as say Hugh Heffner might when defining sexuality.

While I don’t think you’d find a person in Hong Kong who hasn’t heard of the Playboy Bunny, one advertising trickery you won’t see in China for a very long time is the German wet Playboy Bunny.

Then again, you wouldn’t see this clever little Playboy Bunny change right in front of your eyes in the United States either.


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