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Sid and Nancy? Text and Image?

Sid and Nancy

Sid and Nancy written on person’s lower back.

Just don’t know what to say about this man lying down in the middle of the street, shirt up to reveal the text Sid and Nancy

Actually, when I photographed the man, I didn’t see the text on his back. What I saw was the “no bicycles” graphic that you can see at the bottom of the image.

Before I go any further, you have to recall who Sid and Nancy were.

Watch this:

Sid was Sid Vicious aka of the Sex Pistols, a 1980s alternative band popular among the heroin chic crowd, and, well, just about everybody else. As it stands today, Sid murdered Nancy, then died of a heroin overdose shortly thereafter.

The text written on this guy’s back is classic for the position he assumes. I’m not sure if this was a stunt, but, by the likes of this guy’s reaction to my standing behind taking a picture of him, I would say not.

Street photography…images of slices of life on the downside…with text.

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