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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Tom Jones Who?

Tom Jones gyrated back in the day just like Elvis, though he was not as well known. Ask a young person today who Tom Jones was and you’ll get a shoulder shrug and eyebrows extended to the hairline followed by an I-don’t-know. His signature–tight pants and almost-unbuttoned shirt revealing burly man-hair–captivated audiences when he sang […]

Simple Text Sells

Simple text sells. A huge canvas print of the image above sold at Fine Art America yesterday, which gives leads me to a discussion about simplicity. You can get simpler art photography than a sign that only says MOTEL. Many distinguished artists, writers and politicians have uttered the essences of simplicity, which include phrases such […]

In the Sultan’s Harem–Arab Days Gone By

When I dream at night, I see the Fly TWA posters that used to hang on our patio wall. Sure wish I had some–they’re worth $900. The poster, In the Sultan’s Harem, above is much less. It’s one of the rare photos I shot that’s sharp and compelling–the essence of Arab retro. Oh, the good-ole-days […]