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Angry Skull Graffiti

Angry stencil graffiti

You’ve probably seen the skull and crossbones. Here it is as stencil graffiti with the word “FAILE” spelled in cracked letters. What’s this all about? Why is “fail” misspelled?

Sometimes there just aren’t answers to questions about text and image. To be sure, this text and image sends a negative message, but to whom? The government? Perhaps. When people get angry at the world, the government is an easy target. It’s not hard to get people to not like the government, but think about what would happen if there were no government.

Some countries have little government oversight of what goes on day to day in people’s lives. Some governments just don’t care about anything, but the people who run it. When that happens you get vigilantism, a situation that often turns to mob rule, or ochlocracy.

While you not might like some laws in lands where the rule of law governs, it sure beats rule by mobs where rules are arbitrarily made on a whim of morality led by one religious belief or another.

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