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Tom Jones Who?

Tom Jones thrilled party-goers in the United States 50 years ago.

Tom Jones gyrated back in the day just like Elvis, though he was not as well known. Ask a young person today who Tom Jones was and you’ll get a shoulder shrug and eyebrows extended to the hairline followed by an I-don’t-know.

His signature–tight pants and almost-unbuttoned shirt revealing burly man-hair–captivated audiences when he sang onstage in Las Vegas some 50 years ago.

Jones isn’t retired just yet. At 72, his look-alike 50-something son manages his gigs, which feature music that varies from country to shmaltz. With songs such as “She’s a Lady” and “What’s new Pussy Cat” under his belt, his raspy baritone is still heard, but mostly in Europe now.

Posters reveal the “new” Tom back in 2011, a man whose head no longer supports black locks. He’s gone gray. Viva na-tu-ral, Tom!

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