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About Text and Image Photography

A new take on photography, Text and Image Photography informs, illustrates and entertains through the use of text and image. It’s often offbeat, but always relevant to photographers of all levels. Learn how to compose an image, assess light, shoot sharp and include found text  in your photos. Read quirky photo essays. Get informed by reading camera reviews, preview photography exhibits and learn about photography galleries.

New Books

Two new books by Matthew Bamberg explore the world of the cloud and HDR photography.

Photography Applications for Cloud Computing

Beginning HDR Photography

Signage photographs can be purchased at  Fine Art America website.

The Quick and Easy Secrets photography book series by Matthew Bamberg, an expert in teaching beginning photographers to advance their craft:

101 Quick and Easy Secrets to Create Winning Photographs
101 Quick and Easy Secrets for Using Your Photographs
101 Quick and Easy Secrets Taken from the Master Photographers of the Twentieth Century

The books show budding photographers  how to take great pictures and put them to use too.

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