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One Color Billboard Domination

Abosolut Twist–Cocktails Perfected the billboard reads. The one color domination sets this billboard apart from others. Getting roadside attention requires the verdant color green in all of its retro glory. Not pink or baby blue, but green a kind of new age single color arrangement that brings green front-and-center. Not a natural green–one you would […]


For decades record players defined music. These turntables rotated round and round at set speeds so that the diamond needle attached to a moveable arm set down on the spinning grooves of the vinyl to make pleasurable sound. Westinghouse, a major manufacturer of record players, came out with the portable record player in the 1950s […]

West Lake Neon in Hanoi

As a lover of signs, the ultimate in text and image, one of my goals is keeping the sign alive forever (or at least a couple of lifetimes). Text and signs go hand-in-hand in terms of one of the most necessary elements, that of lighting, in order to create a colorful, attractive city symbol. Photographing […]