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A Text and Image Welcome

Text and images are powerful tools of communication. When they are used together they create messages that make people think critically. They also make great art photography. There are two ways to use text in photographs: 1. photograph found text in a scene 2. add text using an image processing program. Text and image can […]

Movement: Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon changed the look of fashion photography, having his subjects seemingly flow through the frame, updating the posed look of the Steichen years. His subjects appear animated–motion-filled figures frozen in movement, most of the time clothed in garb you’ve probably never seen before, nor will ever see again. This image shows some snapshots of […]

Famous Photographer

Rodchenko was a famous photographer who placed his subjects in photographs a good distance from the foreground. A good example of Rodchenko’s trademark style is the image “Woman with a Leica.” There’s a good deal of foreground before you see the woman. What’s more, is that the foreground is covered with intriguing square shadows. Since […]

Aaron Siskind Emulation

Aaron Siskind was a master at turning wall scrawl into art. He’d take a close-up of graffiti,  peeling paint and/or other aberrations of surfaces he found and make them into abstract art. Siskind was one of several photographers who could could be classified as an abstract artist. Siskind was a member of the Photo League, […]

William Eggleston Retrospective

These days, there’s no modern art museums you can go to that won’t have something–books, images, exhibitions–by William Eggleston. From LACMA to MOMA he’s there. He’s everywhere–one of the few famous photographers from the mid-twentieth century who’s still around. A little background on the artist will help you to understand why he is so popular: […]