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A Text and Image Welcome

Text and images are powerful tools of communication. When they are used together they create messages that make people think critically. They also make great art photography. There are two ways to use text in photographs: 1. photograph found text in a scene 2. add text using an image processing program. Text and image can […]

Beginning HDR

You often hear that including moving subjects/objects in HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography doesn’t work out because when you combine the several images of different exposures, the people will show movement blur, or what photographers refer to as “ghosting.” If you’ve never made an HDR photograph that would make a lot of sense. What you […]

How Can Photographers Use the Cloud?

If you’re pitching a how-to photography book, you’ve have to have a clear idea of what it’s going to be about. Here’s the description I gave for Photography Applications to Cloud Computing, a book coming out in a few months. Increasing numbers of photographers want to be able to store, access, edit and print their […]

This, my friends, is a 32 bit image as it looks on my monitor. You see, my monitor can’t handle all the information that a 32-bit photo contains. As a matter of fact, your monitor couldn’t handle it either. No monitor can that’s build for consumers today. Another thing: In order for an image to […]

Ten Celebrity Photography Tips

Celebrity photography at events can be tricky. You have to think way ahead of time in order to get good photographs. I pondered how I would photograph James Franco at the Palm Springs International Film Festival screening of Sal, a movie he directed. This post is specifically for event photography. I was surprised that I […]