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Playboy Sign

One thing is for sure: there are no magazines for sale in the store under this Playboy sign. Playboy brings to mind another time and place–a world of glossy pages containing topless women, great human interest stories, some fiction and way back when–Little Annie Fannie. China is the land of look-a-likes. If you find it […]

West Lake Neon in Hanoi

As a lover of signs, the ultimate in text and image, one of my goals is keeping the sign alive forever (or at least a couple of lifetimes). Text and signs go hand-in-hand in terms of one of the most necessary elements, that of lighting, in order to create a colorful, attractive city symbol. Photographing […]

Programmatic Architecture Reveals Three Dimensional Advertising Concept

Programmatic architecture (also called mimetic or novelty architecture) is a text-and-image aficionado’s dream building. The three-dimensional advertisement that most mimetic architecture is constructed for, is laden with text–messages that sell a product or a service. From giant donuts to car wash ships (one pictured above), the novelty of seeing buildings shaped like familiar objects or […]

Thank You, China, for a Great Trip / 谢谢你精彩的访问中国

Thank you China for a wonderful visit. I’ve been here for three weeks and had a great time visiting your temples, pagodas and caves. All offered fascinating looks into the past, monuments that tell stories of this great land throughout the dynasties. The opportunities to find photographs with text and image were countless. I was […]

Text and Candy in China

China is a paradise of text, image and fine art photography. No where is this more evident of the candy and sweets displayed in a Datong, China store window. While people talk of Beijing and Shanghai as the centers of commerce, in reality, there are dozens of other cities with populations of one million people […]