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Ladies Room Linguistics

  The term ladies or ladies room (a figure of speech called metonymy or indirectness) may be coming back as political correctness becomes tamer than it once was about a decade ago. Back then a case could be made  that the term can be connected to such connotations as “ladies of the night” and “ladies […]

Binders Full of Women

After last night’s debate between Obama and Romney what photographer could resist showing their binders full of women. I have many binders full  of women in them from international females to domestic ones. Yet with all that femininity in these binders that Romney studied, he doesn’t seem to appear, in any way, shape or form, […]

Words that Weld the World’s Woes

It’s protest season from the Arab Lands to Manhattan. Everywhere someone has a gripe. What expresses that gripe best? That’s right–text and image. The text on placards sends mixed messages via the media–CNN and FOX–because they are powerful. Power to coerce, confuse and control. Put a spin on these and you can get dozens of […]