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Text–Days Gone By–The Card Catalog

Ever woken up in the morning wondering what happened to card catalogs? Probably not, that is unless your a retired librarian. If you’re old enough the words call number and subject heading might ring a bell. The index cards with holes in them, neatly stacked inside of long narrow drawers had been the librarians Bible, […]

Fiction–Straight Text and Imagined Image

You can’t consider text and image without including fiction. To be sure, there are images, but they appear in your mind. Just published my novel, Bienvenido a Miami, on Barnes and Nobel. Here’s a clip of the scene where two ladies–one Latina and one Jewish decide to combine a bar-mitzvah with a quinceanera. Imagine the […]

Text for an Essay–Ten Steps to Writing an Essay using Word

Writing text for an essay is no longer a task you do by hand–references to pen, pencil, paper, eraser, typewriter and write are no longer accurate, yet students and professors use these references every day. Almost all professional work writing begins with a word processing document. Here are the ten steps to writing the text […]

An Ode to the Proofreading Marks–Editing Now and Then

                              Since the advent of Microsoft Word, the use of proofreading marks in editing is rare. Fond remembrances of the squiggly lines lingers as people seek nostalgia of writing’s past. Decades ago it was tedious to move paragraphs, sentences and words […]