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Holiday Greetings

I’m always thinking retro. That’s what I do. Today’s retro thought of the day is about greeting cards. This year I’m thinking about clever ways to send holiday greetings. I never thought that this holiday sign could be used as a Christmas card until one of my editors bought a print, telling me that he […]

Musical VW

An original  VW usually will turn any photographer’s head, but a VW decorated with musical instruments is a heart-stopper. Luckily I wasn’t driving last October when I took this picture. “Slow down,” I said. “Drive the same speed as that car!” The driver, my better half, obliged. I snapped away while crawling around the front […]

Now That’s Attractive

Gee, I could not resist this shot. While it’s not the most attractive person filling the center of the frame, the elements, the color and, yes, the man are fascinating. The mere facts that he sits on a patterned box with his rump exposed  and his Chicago Bulls bag is placed so it shows up […]