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A Text and Image Welcome

Text and images are powerful tools of communication. When they are used together they create messages that make people think critically. They also make great art photography. There are two ways to use text in photographs: 1. photograph found text in a scene 2. add text using an image processing program. Text and image can […]

Famous Photographer

Rodchenko was a famous photographer who placed his subjects in photographs a good distance from the foreground. A good example of Rodchenko’s trademark style is the image “Woman with a Leica.” There’s a good deal of foreground before you see the woman. What’s more, is that the foreground is covered with intriguing square shadows. Since […]

How to Make a Collage in Photoshop

As early as the 1920s, Alexander Rodchenko was pushing out photo montages for books, propaganda and advertisements. Rodchenko was an artist who became popular during the Russian Revolution (when the Soviets came to power). His artistry can be compared to no other photographer of that era. He assembled (cut and pasted) pictures from magazines along […]