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In the Sultan’s Harem–Arab Days Gone By

When I dream at night, I see the Fly TWA posters that used to hang on our patio wall. Sure wish I had some–they’re worth $900. The poster, In the Sultan’s Harem, above is much less. It’s one of the rare photos I shot that’s sharp and compelling–the essence of Arab retro. Oh, the good-ole-days […]

Five Tips for Great Flower Photographs

After writing an intense post on my other blog, the Digital Traveler, I’m ready for some flowers. I spent yesterday at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, which is a great place to photograph flowers. Here are some tips for photographing them: 1. Get the right lens. Step away from the flower(s), set your aperture […]

Photo Paris

Taking a Paris photo requires a little imagination, some cool light and a surface upon which to set your camera. Paris is seen best by using a tripod to take pictures during the night. If you don’t have a tripod, set your camera down anywhere and start shooting. Turn your camera around and shoot. Put […]

Klimas Will Blow You Away

Martin Klimas is an incredible photographer. This image, courtesy of Foley Gallery, takes extreme skill to produce. The photographer drops the vase of flowers in a controlled environment (a dark room), setting the strobe so that it goes off when the clay from the vase cracks. He take several images and finds the one that […]