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Selective Focus Photography

If you have a group of flowers you want to photograph and want some of the sharp and some of them soft all you have to do is use the widest aperture setting on your camera (f/2.8 is good) with the zoom all the way in (200mm). You’ll probably have to step away from the […]

Who’s Your Favorite 20th Century Photographer?

Choose from the list below or name one of your own. Put your choice in the comments section. I’ll tally up results to name the most favorite photographer of the 20th century in New Year’s Day 2010. 01 Berenice Abbott 02 Ansel Adams 03 Robert Adams western photos 04 Eugene Atget 05 Bill Brandt 06 […]

Image Play

When you have two images playing on one another, you get some fascinating communication. Since I’ve never seen a name for this, I’ll call it image play. Image play is found art (art that you find on the streets or elsewhere) where the subjects or objects of one image appear to be communicating with those […]