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Photo Paris

Taking a Paris photo requires a little imagination, some cool light and a surface upon which to set your camera. Paris is seen best by using a tripod to take pictures during the night. If you don’t have a tripod, set your camera down anywhere and start shooting. Turn your camera around and shoot. Put […]

Still Life Photography

The breathtaking beauty of found art is most rewarding to capture into a frame. I’m constantly on the lookout for vignettes from which to make a still life photograph. In this shot I’ve found a beer bottle perfectly placed into a wall where bricks are missing. (I didn’t put the beer bottle there). This shot […]

Image Play

When you have two images playing on one another, you get some fascinating communication. Since I’ve never seen a name for this, I’ll call it image play. Image play is found art (art that you find on the streets or elsewhere) where the subjects or objects of one image appear to be communicating with those […]