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William Eggleston Retrospective

These days, there’s no modern art museums you can go to that won’t have something–books, images, exhibitions–by William Eggleston. From LACMA to MOMA he’s there. He’s everywhere–one of the few famous photographers from the mid-twentieth century who’s still around. A little background on the artist will help you to understand why he is so popular: […]

Eggleston’s Muted Tones Give Retro Look to Photos

William Eggleston tended to look for things whose colors muted from being sun-drenched for a long period of time. From old barricades to rooftop signage and vintage cars, Eggleston made good use of faded color. His landscapes, which usually contained human-made subjects—a house, road or sign,– were not only taken in the Southern United States. […]