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William Eggleston Retrospective

These days, there’s no modern art museums you can go to that won’t have something–books, images, exhibitions–by William Eggleston. From LACMA to MOMA he’s there. He’s everywhere–one of the few famous photographers from the mid-twentieth century who’s still around. A little background on the artist will help you to understand why he is so popular: […]

Images By … Harry Callahan

Famous photographers of the 20th century defined architecture of the period. Harry Callahan was a famous photographer who created  unique image of repeating patterns in architecture. Images by Harry Callahan used building windows to show patterns of light and shapes that intrigue. It’s an easy process to emulate a Harry Callahan building image, the first […]

Klimas Will Blow You Away

Martin Klimas is an incredible photographer. This image, courtesy of Foley Gallery, takes extreme skill to produce. The photographer drops the vase of flowers in a controlled environment (a dark room), setting the strobe so that it goes off when the clay from the vase cracks. He take several images and finds the one that […]

Worm’s Eye View

Born in Germany, John Gutmann came to the United States in 1933 to escape from the Nazis. In Germany he had trained as a painter. He found America fascinating, photographing things he had never seen in Europe—tattoo parlors, drive-in businesses and huge movie theaters. He also photographed automobiles inside and out as well as jazz […]

Who’s Your Favorite 20th Century Photographer?

Choose from the list below or name one of your own. Put your choice in the comments section. I’ll tally up results to name the most favorite photographer of the 20th century in New Year’s Day 2010. 01 Berenice Abbott 02 Ansel Adams 03 Robert Adams western photos 04 Eugene Atget 05 Bill Brandt 06 […]