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Camera Setting

You may think camera setting is an easy chore, something you really don’t have to think about once you know the subject you are shooting. Camera setting is the act of setting your camera before you shoot. Since I’m mostly a street photographer, I set my camera to the largest aperture, which on my general […]

Dancing in the Streets in Berlin

Summer is just around the corner and Berliners will start ripping off their clothes and dancing in the streets. This guy was one of a pair who performed wildly and adroitly last summer near the entrance to the Brandenburg Gate. To catch these performers as sharply as possible, set your f/stop as low as it’ll […]

Looking Down on Philly

Philadelphia is a great city. Taken from above, this shot of Philly shows a wide boulevard with buildings on either side. Since the light was severely muted I upped my ISO to 800 and opened my aperture wide to f/2.8. The shutter speed ended up being 1/800 seconds, calculated by the camera because I set […]