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Advertising and Text and Image

There’s a special relationship between text and image and advertising. The two are close counterparts, one propelling the other’s impact. The influence of text and image upon advertising is similar to the relationship of milk to a cow. You get the picture. While advertising focuses soley on the message, it’s the text and image that […]

Are HDR Photography and Surrealism Analogous?

Let’s take a look at HDR photography, the most debated genre of photographic arts. Some say it looks fake; others love it, wanting all of their images to have the look. HDR photography is created by merging images of different exposures. The photographer shoots two or more images, changing the time the shutter remains open […]

How Can Photographers Use the Cloud?

If you’re pitching a how-to photography book, you’ve have to have a clear idea of what it’s going to be about. Here’s the description I gave for Photography Applications to Cloud Computing, a book coming out in a few months. Increasing numbers of photographers want to be able to store, access, edit and print their […]

How Long Does Carbonite Take to Back-up?

If you go to the Carbonite site you’ll find that it can back-up a few gigabytes a day. This is true with your average high speed connection, as I’ve tested it. Remember, too, that how fast you upload depends on how long you’ve got Carbonite shut off or paused. Your computer must be on and […]

What’s All This Talk About Master Photographers?

How’d you like to emulate a 20th century master photographer? I created the photo to the left using Photoshop. It’s made to look like one of the photos from Aaron Siskind’s diver series. I’ve created over 100 emulations in my new book, 101 Quick and Easy Ideas Taken from the Master Photographers of the Twentieth […]