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Skew and Saturation Tweaks in Photoshop and Other Photoshop Tips

Dramatic changes in an image are possible with some tweaks in Photoshop. The image on the left before I tweaked in Photoshop has two flaws: 1. The building has converging lines (the side slants inward). 2. The colors are dull. When I first saw this image, I knew exactly what tweaks to make because I’ve […]

Eggleston’s Muted Tones Give Retro Look to Photos

William Eggleston tended to look for things whose colors muted from being sun-drenched for a long period of time. From old barricades to rooftop signage and vintage cars, Eggleston made good use of faded color. His landscapes, which usually contained human-made subjects—a house, road or sign,– were not only taken in the Southern United States. […]