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Camera Aperture

If you’re a beginning photographer and are constantly getting soft (blurred) photos, consider changing your camera aperture. If you camera has Aperture Priority mode, shoot in that mode so you can widen your camera aperture to stop action. Have you ever wanted an action shot to be sharp, but only gotten blur? If so, you […]

Beating the Odds–The Inverse Shutter Speed Rule

I beat the odds on this one. The man in the image is sharp even though the shutter speed setting on my camera was 1/20 sec and the focal length of the lens was 85mm. The shutter speed rule of thumb states: You can get a sharp shot when you shoot at a shutter speed […]

Looking Down on Philly

Philadelphia is a great city. Taken from above, this shot of Philly shows a wide boulevard with buildings on either side. Since the light was severely muted I upped my ISO to 800 and opened my aperture wide to f/2.8. The shutter speed ended up being 1/800 seconds, calculated by the camera because I set […]