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In the Sultan’s Harem–Arab Days Gone By

When I dream at night, I see the Fly TWA posters that used to hang on our patio wall. Sure wish I had some–they’re worth $900. The poster, In the Sultan’s Harem, above is much less. It’s one of the rare photos I shot that’s sharp and compelling–the essence of Arab retro. Oh, the good-ole-days […]

Ladies Room Linguistics

  The term ladies or ladies room (a figure of speech called metonymy or indirectness) may be coming back as political correctness becomes tamer than it once was about a decade ago. Back then a case could be made  that the term can be connected to such connotations as “ladies of the night” and “ladies […]

Text and Candy in China

China is a paradise of text, image and fine art photography. No where is this more evident of the candy and sweets displayed in a Datong, China store window. While people talk of Beijing and Shanghai as the centers of commerce, in reality, there are dozens of other cities with populations of one million people […]

A Text and Image Welcome

Text and images are powerful tools of communication. When they are used together they create messages that make people think critically. They also make great art photography. There are two ways to use text in photographs: 1. photograph found text in a scene 2. add text using an image processing program. Text and image can […]