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Fiction–Straight Text and Imagined Image

You can’t consider text and image without including fiction. To be sure, there are images, but they appear in your mind. Just published my novel, Bienvenido a Miami, on Barnes and Nobel. Here’s a clip of the scene where two ladies–one Latina and one Jewish decide to combine a bar-mitzvah with a quinceanera. Imagine the […]

The Wonderful World of Text and Images on the Queen Mary in Long Beach–The Downfall of the Fonts

The font is facing a death of unknown proportions. Back in its heyday, the typesetters worked furiously to create clean-cut type for modern times. No where is the typeface in the era between World War I and II (Between the Wars) more authentic than that found on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. This […]

Advertising and Text and Image

There’s a special relationship between text and image and advertising. The two are close counterparts, one propelling the other’s impact. The influence of text and image upon advertising is similar to the relationship of milk to a cow. You get the picture. While advertising focuses soley on the message, it’s the text and image that […]